BRYAN, TEXAS – Every July, the 4-H-World hosts their huge horse show, where participants from across the Lone Star state meet to compete.

You are campaigning for more than just bragging rights.

The Texas State 4-H Horse Show has been held annually for nearly 60 years.

“I encourage them [spectators] drive in and see a child on a horse. It’s so magical. The way they connect. This horse and the rider .. The way parents sacrifice their time and move them here to come here and compete, “said Pandora Bonner, a longtime volunteer.

And for almost half of the show, Pandora Bonner has been volunteering.

“To see the children grow up in front of our eyes year after year and just have this friendship and know them and when they get through the gate they come back another year,” added Bonner.

The Horse Show is the highlight of the 4-H horse project and takes place every year towards the end of July, something David Kendrick is looking forward to.

“I’ve been in 4-H since I was able to join which was 3rd grade … so for 8 years,” said David Kendrick, a 4-H member and horse ambassador.

Stepping up Tuesday, Kendrick says this is the biggest 4-H show you can find.

The event takes place at Brazos County Expo this year and moved to Bryan after over 30 years of hosting Abilene on the show.

“We have a competition for every single division you can think of. If you are a roper, to the point of jumping horses, find a competition for that. They offer scholarships to all winners. There are endless opportunities and people you can meet here, “added Kendrick.

The annual Texas State 4-H Horse Show is something that not only riders but volunteers put on their calendars year after year.

“My daughter showed and if she didn’t show, I would help for the rest of the week. This was our vacation and we spent the whole week. After she stopped showing in 2009, I just kept coming back,” added Bonner.

The economic impact of this event on the local economy is expected to be in excess of half a million dollars.

“They [BCS] welcome us with open arms and we love that, ”said Bonner.

Around 350 4-H teens and their families attend the show from across Texas. Participants range from 3rd grade to 18 years of age.

The event includes 40 competitive classes, educational programs, scholarships, and college prep opportunities.

The show runs all week at Brazos County Expo, Sunday through Friday.