The California Horse Racing Board held a conference call meeting on Wednesday, August 18. The public participated by dialing into the conference call and / or listening through the audio webcast link on the CHRB website. Chair Gregory Ferraro chaired the meeting, along with Vice Chair Oscar Gonzales and Commissioners Dennis Alfieri, Damascus Castellanos, Brenda Washington Davis, Wendy Mitchell and Alex Solis.

The audio of this entire board meeting is available on the CHRB website ( under the Webcast Shortcut. Shortly:

  • The board has conditionally approved the license application for the Los Angeles Turf Club (II) to hold a racing meeting in Santa Anita Park with racing programs from October 1 to October 31 .
  • The board approved the license application for a Los Angeles County Fair meeting at the Los Alamitos Race Course with racing programs from September 10th to September 26th.
  • In connection with these meetings in Santa Anita and Los Alamitos, the board approved separate agreements between these two tracks and the California thoroughbred owners authorizing these race secretaries to set conditions for races that restrict the administration of certain drugs and certain procedures.
  • The board authorized TVG to amend its prepayment request to allow TVG to process bets placed in proposed handicap competitions in Del Mar this summer and fall. These competitions are the Del Mar Pacific Coast Betting Challenge, which will be offered this Saturday on Pacific Classic Day, the Del Mar Handicapping Contest on September 4th, both the Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge and the Mini-BCBC on May 5th and 6th. November. and the Del Mar handicapping competition on November 27th.
  • The board received a report from its Race Appointments Committee, which met by phone on Aug. 17 to review the allocation of race dates for 2022. Vice-Chair Gonzales said he and Commissioner Mitchell had not voted on action, but noted that the foundation had been laid for a 2022 calendar that could essentially reflect the most recent calendars but could also include mandatory breaks in race schedules. The board will consider approving a calendar for 2022 at a future meeting.
  • Executive Director Scott Chaney reported that “Next month the Medicines, Safety and Welfare Committee will begin considering an ordinance aimed at punishing trainers for the deaths of horses in their care. “The ordinance is both intended to recognize that there are some deaths that are beyond the control of trainers that would occur in any living animal population, such as catastrophic musculoskeletal failure,” he said. “We’re going to start this process at the committee level because, to my knowledge, this would be the first rule of its kind (anywhere in North America) and because we expect and expect a lot of discussion and input from all horse racing.” Constituencies.
  • The board authorized the Los Alamitos Equine Sale Company to sell yearlings and mixed animals in Los Alamitos on October 2nd and 3rd.
  • The board approved nominations of six people to the board of the California Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Foundation. Commissioner Castellanos has withdrawn from this discussion and vote because he is one of the directors.
  • The board approved a proposal from the University of Kentucky’s Gluck Equine Research Center for California to provide 15,000 horse blood samples for a year to understand the response of messenger RNA (mRNA) to exercise and injury in horses. The aim is to determine whether mRNA can identify horses at risk for catastrophic injuries. The samples are taken along with blood samples for other tests that do not cause additional discomfort to the horse.
  • The board approved a regulatory change banning the use of corticosteroid injections for fetlock joints within 30 days of a race and within 10 days of a timed workout.
  • The board approved a regulatory change clarifying the use of furosemide for certain breeds.
  • The board authorizes To distribute $ 4,000 in race day charity proceeds to five beneficiaries.
  • Public comments made during the session can be accessed through the session audio archive on the CHRB website.