For the second time in as many years, the traditional Devon Horse Show and Country Fair was canceled due to coronavirus restrictions, the organizers announced on Saturday.

The show, which dates back to 1896, was scheduled to run from May 27th to June 6th. It would have been the 125th edition of the show, which is the longest-running and largest outdoor multibreed competition in the United States.

“This decision was only made after a thorough assessment of the far-reaching operational and financial implications of the ongoing restrictions US Equestrian imposes on spectators and other critical issues at their sanctioned events,” the show’s organizers said in a statement. “The organizers, together with the board of directors, examined several options, but were ultimately unable to work under the current restrictions of the sports association.”

They noted that while many other equestrian events are taking place during this period, the Devon Horse Show “is uniquely attached to our local audience and audience base and we did not feel that we could in good faith jeopardize future events for the sake of running “. against so many financial and operational challenges this year. This decision was made to ensure the financial sustainability of the show for years to come. “

At the end of March last year – when the full brunt of the pandemic shutdown was felt – organizers canceled the show for the first time since World War II.

In the coming weeks, all those involved in the horse show will be contacted with information on the cancellation processes, announced the organizers.

“The health and well-being of the entire DHSCF community is always of paramount importance, and while we believed we could have a safe and successful outdoor event, the lack of movement in USEF’s participation guidelines made it one, even with significant fundraising financial impossibility. Efforts to continue the competition in 2021, ”said the organizers.

The show takes place annually from late May to early June.