Staff and ponies at the four World Horse Welfare Rescue and Relocation Centers in Aberdeenshire, Lancashire, Norfolk and Somerset can’t wait to welcome visitors again this Wednesday (August 18) after closing for more than a year to be reopened to the public.

A new, easy-to-use ticket booking system has been introduced to manage the number of visitors and ensure the safety of staff and visitors. Tickets can be booked on the individual farm pages at

Zoe Clifford of Penny Farm near Blackpool said, “Come and see what we’ve been up to and learn about the horses and ponies that are here – each one has a different story to tell. We said that we would celebrate here when we finally open again and after several postponements we will really celebrate it! “

Since the effects of Covid-19 result in a 20% drop in income, the charity is charging a small fee to visit the centers at Hall Farm, Belwade Farm, and Glenda Spooner Farm to support the visitor facilities. General visit fee is £ 3 per person with free entry for children under five. Admission to Penny Farm remains free, but tickets still need to be booked in advance.

On the website ( or on the social media accounts of the individual farms, you will find details on opening times and opening times, as these vary from farm to farm.