A Thurmont-based nonprofit that has saved countless horses from slaughter urgently needs help to buy money for a new truck that is essential to its operations, the company officials said.

The trusty Ford F-350 Rocky’s Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc., relied on for eight years to transport horses, hay, water, equipment and other essentials, has reached its limit, said Sharon Burrier, co-founder of the Rescue the news post. They were hoping to fix it, but the 2001 model’s electrical issues don’t seem to be fixing, she said. It has logged more than 380,000 miles.

The company has found a replacement: a 2006 four-wheel drive Ford F-350 at Bogley’s Auto Sales of Thurmont. Owner Gene Bogley cut the price for them, but Burrier said they still need about $ 14,000 to get the truck home. Bogley has agreed to keep the truck with Rocky’s for 30 days so they have time to raise the money.

Without the truck, Burrier said, the rescue would have to close their doors.

“People are trying to help, but it will take a small army to make it happen,” said Burrier.

To be able to pay for the truck, Burrier adopted one of the rescue’s favorite horses, Solomon. She knows he’s going to a good home, but she was sad to see him go after five years.

“It broke my heart,” said Burrier.

Soloman was one of the rescue ambassador horses visiting foster homes, she said. As much as Burrier is keen to save more horses like Solomon, she acknowledged that reducing her herd size will help keep the nonprofit going. They currently have around 32 horses, two of which are babies.

“I’m not giving up,” said Burrier, but “I can’t do it alone.”

The new truck would be used to transport horses from potentially fatal situations to the safe haven of Rocky’s Horse Rescue. According to Burrier, the truck is also needed to transport 200 liters of water a week to a barn that has no running water.

People can also donate by visiting the rescue website, rhrr.org. Checks can be sent to Rocky’s Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation and mailed to 12155A Creagerstown Road, Thurmont. The rescue also has a Facebook page that volunteers post updates on.

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