She fell in love with Reggie and his friend Pete.

“She’s adopting them both,” Shinn said. “I’ve found that there are people who want to help too. You want to give such a handicapped horse a home. “

Shinn’s Draft Horse Rescue is holding its annual fundraiser on Saturday, October 17th.

Shortly afterwards, the couple will leave for their new home.

“My eyes will be laughing and crying at this time of the day,” Shinn said. “It’s always difficult to say goodbye. I am their caretaker for a while. I spent weeks treating Reggie’s last eye every day. You bond when you take care of these horses, but I’m glad he has a home. “

“After all, our ultimate goal is to find someone forever at home,” she said.

Shinn started her draft horse rescue in 2018 after outbidding a buyer for a Belgian with raw bones at a Billings auction. The buyer was on auction to buy horses that would be delivered to a feeding station for fattening before being shipped to Canada or Mexico for slaughter.

When she asked the man what he was going to do with the horse, which she now calls Tiny, he replied, “I’m going to chop off his head.”

Tiny has become the oversized mascot of Shinn’s rescue. Before the pandemic broke out, her gentle giant regularly wowed residents at the Discovery Care Center in Hamilton.