Date of publication: 06/24/2021

The city council donated € 6,000 to the Easy Care Horse Center in Vega Baja, Alicante province.

The Easy Care Horse Rescue Center in Rojales has raised € 6,000 to continue the great work it is doing in rescuing and caring for abused and abandoned horses, ponies and donkeys.

British expats Sue and Rod Weeding founded the rescue center in 2008 and, from humble beginnings, now look after more than 122 horses, ponies and donkeys that have been saved from abuse and neglect.

And for the third time in a row, the couple received financial support from the community in recognition and support of the work of the center.

The Easy Care Horse Rescue Center in Rojales is receiving urgently needed funding

While the money helps with the care and care of the animals, it is a drop in the ocean how much money the rescue center needs to operate every week, given that the founders have spent more than 1.7 million euros over the years – cash out of pocket, donations and fundraising drives.

Grateful Sue and Rob said, “It’s amazing how many people have helped us make a difference in animal welfare and we will continue to do so in every possible way,” added the center’s supporters and town halls like Rojales It is thanks to them they are able to do the work that they do.

Charities across Spain have been brutally hit by the pandemic, forcing them to cancel fundraising drives and closing stores selling second-hand goods that provide so much income for their jobs.

All donations to one of the privately funded animal aid organizations are very welcome.

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