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Native ranch gives horse coaching


CITRA, Florida (WCJB) – A small group of horse owners in Citra spent their Saturday learning some new horseback skills at the Pear Tree Ranch.

The small, family-owned ranch offers all-day courses for interested horse owners on the weekends and some longer courses during the week. The ranch also offers courses that can last as long as four to five days.

Four people learned from ranch owner and operator Jake Biernbaum from ten to four in the afternoon. Today’s class included teaching skills such as turning and driving backwards. Both of these are important skills needed when horses are working with herds of cattle.

Birenbaum says they offer courses on specific topics year round for horse owners of all skill levels.

“We have a lot of variety. Today we do these one-day courses like ‘Cows, Cows, Cows’. We host, we try to do something once a weekend or every other week so that people can have a lot of fun and do different things all year round, ”said Birenbaum.

The cows were brought out later in the day for more hands-on training. When Biernbaum was teaching his horse training class “Cows, Cows, Cows” for the last time, he actually got a new addition to his ranch.

“We left one of the cows lying around and had a baby in the middle of the clinic … now we have a new baby Noel, a little calf in our bund,” said Biernbaum with a laugh.

To see when more courses are available, visit Pear Tree Ranch’s Facebook account or website.

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