Munster, Ireland, June 3, 2021 – ( – Horse owners and riders will be able to better understand their horses and make their daily horsemanship skills more efficient and effective when they recreate Equine Listenology read book on basic groundwork & riding lessons & exercises written by Elaine Heney, founder of Gray Pony Films.

Based on their humorous stories, anecdotes and practical step-by-step lessons, riders receive proven strategies that change their partnership with their horses.

“What do you wish you could do better as a rider? How can you help your horse feel more confident? How do you get rid of the thoughts and bad habits that hamper your efforts and instead use the power of listening to the horse to help you achieve your goals? ”Said Heney, an Irish horseman, multi-award-winning equestrian filmmaker and creator of the award-winning documentary “Listening to the Horse”.

This riding book will help horse owners answer questions such as:

At what age should you ride your horse?

How can you help a horse be less scary?

What is the best way to start with groundwork and in-hand exercises with your horse?

Should You Consider Using a Bitless Bridle?

How can you teach your horse to collect and drive yourself?

Listenology includes the study of horsemanship, horse body language and behavior, groundwork, hand exercises, and riding lessons to develop softness, connection, and collection.

This “Listening to the Horse” inspired book trilogy is full of stories, lessons, case studies and exercises for all horse owners, both English and western. The book is available from

Elaine Heney is the # 1 best-selling author, award-winning filmmaker, director of Gray Pony Films, and creator of the documentary Listening to the Horse ™. She has helped over 120,000 horse owners in 113 countries build inspiring relationships with their horses.

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Praise for Elaine’s work

“Elaine’s kindness and gentle teaching style and listening to the equine approach are exceptional.” – Kathy, USA

“I really enjoyed Elaine’s whole approach to horses. It’s a breath of fresh air. ”- Sharon, United Kingdom

“I absolutely love the methods Elaine taught me. They are easy to understand and easy to share. ”- Mary K, USA