On a historic day, Rachel Rennie did an incredible job. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, the rider returned to win a horse racing competition at Newmarket Town Plate. After working with trainer Martin Smith, the rider wanted to take part in 2016, but could not fulfill her dream. Even so, she worked hard and eventually achieved her dreams and won the Newmarket Town Plate five years after her original plan.


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Rachel Rennie was slated to race at the @NewmarketRace Town Plate in 2016 – diagnosed with cancer just a month before the race. It has been her dream to drive in it ever since. Today, 5 years later and after 8 rounds of chemotherapy and 20 rounds of radiation therapy, she won it pic.twitter.com/UvX294A2Ej

– Barry Rabbetts (@BRabbetts) August 28, 2021


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Rennie wins horse racing competition

Before Rennie came to the race in 2016, she discovered a lump on her left breast that put an end to her hopes of participating in the race.

“I’m usually the type of person who thinks it’s going to be fine, it’s going to go away, but for once I was sensible enough to see a doctor. I was referred to the hospital for tests, got a diagnosis, and before I knew it I had an operation, ”said Rennie.

2016: Rachel Rennie may be banned from driving in historic Newmarket Town Plate after being diagnosed with breast cancer

2021: She wins the race at Friends Don’t Ask at the age of 49 – after surgery, eight rounds of chemotherapy and 20 rounds of radiation therapy

@ GrahamClark85 pic.twitter.com/sILcd0mpld

– Francis Keogh (@HonestFrank) August 29, 2021

After learning of her illness, Rennie focused on recovering. To get back to what she does best; Horse race.

“I’ve looked through the whole kit and Kaboodle; Surgery to remove the lump, eight rounds of chemo, 20 rounds of radiation therapy, and about 10 years worth of medication. I finished my last radiation therapy session on Christmas Eve. “


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Rennie’s incredible determination

After recovering, she signed up for the race on August 28th. Friends Don’t Ask or Freddy was their horse for the race. After her fitness and jockey tests, the rider took home the main prize in a fantastic race. She talked excitedly about her victory.


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“We’re just a small yard in Newmarket so it was nice to do this for the staff, they really got into it and really wanted us to win so I couldn’t let them down. It would be nice to defend my crown, but maybe I should give up now with a 100% hit rate; a ride and a victory! “


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What an incredible win for this driver. She made history and won hearts in the Newmarket Town Plate competition.

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