The Round Valley Open Horse Show returns to Challis on Saturday July 24th.

This is the 37th episode of the show, which was canceled last year amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The show takes place at the North Custer Rodeo Grounds and starts at 9:00 am. No entrance fee is charged for spectators. A grocer is set up on site.

A registration fee of $ 7 per class will be charged through July 20th. Anyone submitting their submissions after July 20 will be billed at $ 10 per class, according to Sharon Bradley. Registrations are accepted until 9 a.m. on the morning of the show. The first six in each class will be awarded ribbons. About 60 courses are offered. Speed ‚Äč‚Äčevents such as barrel racing and pole bending are planned for the finale.

The classifications are age-dependent. Breakdowns are children up to 7 years of age; Ages 8 to 11 years; Age 12 to 17 years; and an adult section.

Additional information and registration forms are available from Bradley at 208-879-4756 or Caroline Cordova at 208-879-2739.