She returned home late after the derby and got up at 5:00 a.m. Saturday morning to return to the Bryan Trophy Horsemanship Class.

The competition consists of three phases, first a 3-foot, 6-inch, or 3-foot, 3-inch jump – Whitehead completed the higher jump – then, in the second phase, an assessment on level ground that includes walk, trot and canter.

Eight out of 19 riders enter the third and final phase, a ride-off. This includes walk, trot and canter without stirrups.

From there four more riders drop out and the remaining ones have to complete a course with jumping.

“You have to be calm, cool and collected,” said Chiocca. “And I think she can handle pressure a lot better than the average.”

Whitehead also won the Faraher Farm Perpetual Trophy, which is awarded to the rider with the most points in four riding classes.

This weekend’s show for Whitehead could be another drive for her goal of driving in college. The aspiring senior at Chatham Hall plans to meet with coaches from the TCU and SMU this summer.

She invested in the work to achieve her results and contributed to a longer equestrian résumé.

“It was amazing,” she said.