The show is one of the UK’s most prestigious equestrian events and takes place in the grounds of Windsor Castle. The queen pictured this morning wore a dark blue padded waistcoat with an elegant white shirt.

This was accompanied by a green cardigan and cotton skirt.

The casually dressed queen It was obviously fun to put horses and ponies through their paces.

International jumping, dressage riding, the Land Rover International Carriage Driving Grand Prix, International Endurance and Showing are all part of the show, which runs Thursday 1st through Sunday 4th July.

Royal Windsor will also welcome the world’s best equestrians this weekend, including 6 of the top 10 show jumpers and internationally renowned driving champions.

Show Director Simon Brooks-Ward said, “We are determined to produce one of our best events for the equestrian world with a competitive and optimistic edition of this 78 year old horse show.”

The event is a firm favorite on the royal calendar and a private occasion for the Queen, who usually dresses informally and mingles with other visitors.

At the wheel of her Range Rover, the Queen herself sat the short distance from Windsor Castle to the exhibition grounds.

Her Majesty has attended the show for decades, winning a first prize at the event as a teenager in 1943 for driving a utility vehicle harnessed to her black fur pony – a trophy she won again the following year.

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The couple met just a few weeks ago when the UK hosted G7 leaders in Cornwall and the Queen led her family to a reception for the overseas guests at the Eden Project.

After a family photo with world leaders, Ms. Merkel went to the Queen and thanked her for posing for the picture and said: “Thank you for doing this for us.”

The meeting at Windsor Castle takes place days after England beat Germany 2-0 at Euro 2020 and has shattered the dreams of its old rivals.

The Queen’s great-grandson, Prince George, with his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, went to Wembley Stadium on Tuesday evening to see England in a tournament knockout game against Germany for the first time since 1966 defeated.