A still from video evidence submitted to the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission shows Cobb hitting the filly with a plastic rake while it is tied to the back of the stable

When the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission reduced a two-year ban on trainer Amber Cobb to just 60 days, which the Delaware Park stewards found “cruelty to a horse in their care,” the Paulick report was besieged with indignation and disgust from one Variety of people in the thoroughbred race.

“I feel so sick,” commented one coach after watching the video accompanying Paulick Report’s editor-in-chief Natalie Voss’ story of the appeal hearing that led to the reduction of Cobb’s suspension. “This girl should never be allowed near another horse. … I can’t remember seeing a video that I was more shocked about in my life. “

In this week’s edition of the Friday Show, Voss tries to explain the inexplicable together with the publisher Ray Paulick; namely, why the Delaware race stewards refused to endorse their stewards and reduced Cobb’s suspension so drastically. The commission was chaired by Chairman W. Duncan Patterson Jr., who praised Cobb as “articulate” during the hearing and added, “You were an excellent witness.” Along with the praise for Cobb came criticism from the whistleblower’s commission who did the Videotaped and went to the stewards.

Bloodstock Editor Joe Nevills joins Paulick to review this week’s Woodbine Star of the Week, Ontario 3-year-old filly Il Malocchio who was the brave winner of last weekend’s Bison City Stakes.

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