A local fire department rescued a 31-year-old horse after it got stuck between a rock and a fence in the Hudson Valley.

The incident occurred in Putnam County on Wednesday, August 25th, around 7:30 am when the Patterson Fire Department received a call to help a local farm to help the horse called “Dozer”.

When the firefighters arrived, they found, according to the department, Dozer who could not get up.

The crew first tried to help the horse by changing positions. But it soon found out that additional equipment would be needed to help Dozer as he was too exhausted to stand up on his own, the department said.

The rescue.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Akin

After some discussion, it turned out that the best plan of action was to use a lifting system to lift the horse.

With a lot of sweat and effort, the crew was able to lift the horse to its feet.

“After some much-needed fluids and rest, we were glad to see dozers drifting off unaided,” the department said.

The incident marked the division’s fourth horse rescue operation in recent years, all of them with successful results.

Dozer on its feet.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Akin

On-site help, including:

  • Putnam Lake Fire Department
  • Horse practice in New England
  • City of Patterson EMS,
  • New York State Police
  • Paratech fire and rescue equipment

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