Photo by Kyle Pozorski

Story by Kyle Pozorski

Local News Published 06/20/2021 14:3232
Wausau – The shoe and saddle association Wausau held its 68th annual Open Horse Show west of the city of Wausau on Saturday. The participants were thrilled to be in the arena for a sport that they have a great passion for.

Emily Mueller from Wausau said that a spark was ignited in her at a young age and that her show career began in fourth grade. “It’s something I’ve been looking forward to every summer, it’s the best part of my year. It’s until September and it’s just one of the best sports there is,” said Müller.

The event comprised over 50 different classes, ranging from small tots to senior riders. Club members aged 5 and over took part in the event to demonstrate their riding skills.

Mueller went on to say, “Everyone here is hopefully heading for an overall event, or we’re all here to show it off for fun. This is a sport that we absolutely love and that we want to continue.”

Participants compete in multiple shows in Marshfield, Merrill, and Wausau during the summer months. There are currently three clubs in the North-Central Wisconsin Horsemanship Association with the hope of a fourth to participate in the several area competitions.