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The International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (IFHA) is the administrative authority that administers around 60 horse racing authorities from a total of 55 countries. It is a global initiative to maintain proper coordination and harmony with international members. This association has set itself the goal of bringing all these countries together, guaranteeing fairness in this sport and at the same time giving this industry a growth boost.

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What is IFHA?

IFHA was founded in 1993. In 1961 the Horseracing Authorities of Great Britain, the United States of America, Ireland and France decided to synchronize their procedures to ensure the sincerity of horse races. They wanted to keep their basic goal – that is the organization of Competitions or tournaments to select the best horses to improve breeding quality. This association was founded by the International Agreement on Breeding, Racing and Betting on Horse Racing through the amalgamation of 60 horse racing authorities. This International Agreement is updated every year for which IFHA organizes an international campaign to make the authorities aware of the updates.

The IFHA database includes information on the most important encounters in each individual country classified as Group I, II and III races. Here you will find the fixtures for the past three years and the coming year. The IFHA member organizations also only provide the results of the first three finishers.

The British Horse Racing Authority is a key player in this organization and plays an important role in implementing important steps to protect the health and wellbeing of the jockeys and taking care of all the administrative measures necessary for the British Horseracing Authority to run smoothly . Take a look below to see how crucial the role of BHA is.

The role of BHA

The British Horse Racing Authority, also known as the BHA, is the governing body for horse racing in Great Britain. The role of the BHA is vital in maintaining safe and fair regulation of the sports federation, licensing, rule-making, keeping the sport free from corruption and the welfare of both horse and human participants in horse races goes. Check out BHA’s commitment below:

  1. Racing license: The BHA admissions office takes care of the admission, approval and registration processes for horse racing participants. Participants consist of jockeys, coaches, amateur riders, etc. An applicant’s experience and qualifications are valued, with the applicant guaranteed their license and permission to register and participate.
  2. Enforcement of standards for medical services for sports participants: All necessary medical tests, measures in the event of injuries on the race track, medical care on race day and fitness check of the jockeys – everything is looked after by BHA.
  3. Race planning: BHA determines the maximum number of matches that can be held, the placement of these matches on the racetrack and the correct allocation of evening and weekend races.
  4. Handicapped Races: BHA gives the same importance to racehorses with physical impairments and ensures a fair result for the racehorses participating in British handicaps.
  5. Ensuring the Integrity of Horse Racing: BHA has a good reputation for organizing races that are protected from corruption. BHA does not tolerate unscrupulous actions or blackmail.
  6. Establishing rules and regulations: BHA monitors the rules of the game and does not allow violations on or outside the racetrack. In the event of violations, the penalty will be imposed.


The mission and ambition of the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities is to promote good administration and optimal practice in multinational affairs. IFHA has an official website that seeks to draw your attention to their worldwide initiatives to support the horse racing industry, as well as the development of national markets.

The main goal of IFHA is to coordinate and synchronize the regulations of the 60 member countries in the areas of breeding, racing and betting. They also ensure that the standard and fairness of racing is maintained. They promise to protect the health of horses, jockeys and all people take part in the events. IFHA updates the organization of 60 horse racing members whenever there are any technical, economic and social developments.